Up SENIOR 2014 Robert Root FAVS Slideshow

S14Robert003_ppbR 5x7
S14Robert005_ppb 5x7R
S14Robert006b 5x7
S14Robert029_ppR 5x7
S14Robert037bb 5x7
S14Robert052_ppb 5x7
S14Robert069_ppbb 5x7
S14Robert084_ppb 5x7
S14Robert109_pp 5x7
S14Robert117R 5x7
S14Robert134bR 5x7
S14Robert142_ppbSP 5x7
S14Robert149_ppb 5x7
S14Robert152_ppbSP 5x7
S14Robert156_pp 5x7
S14Robert162_pp 5x7
S14Robert168bb 5x7
S14Robert172b 5x7
S14Robert177bb 5x7
S14Robert192b 5x7
S14Robert195b 5x7R
S14Robert201b 5x7R
S14Robert212b 5x7R
S14Robert220b 5x7R

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